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Coronavirus – School is now open to children from Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6. 

Emergency childcare continues to be provided for a limited number of other students as below:


For information on provision please click link below:


Provision for Key Workers:

Please call the school office on 01295 710218 or email: office@mcpa.prime7.org.uk


Home teaching resources are available on this website under each year group page, uploaded early on Monday mornings.  

We apologise but we cannot provide printed packs.


Values and Ethos

Here at MCPA, we want our children to become confident in their own abilities and to reach their fullest potential in all areas of life and development. We nurture a supportive community where every child and adult is worthy of understanding and respect. Embedded into all of our teaching and activities are our School Values and the Key Skills for Learning:

Respect, Friendship, Honesty, Trust, Teamwork, Resilience, Kindness, Empathy

Leadership, Independence, Risk-taking, Questioning, Challenge, Responsibility, Creativity

We are very proud of our school. Please call to arrange a visit if you would like to see why.

Middleton Cheney Primary Academy is part of the PRIME7 Multi Academy Trust.


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We are a ‘good’ school – Ofsted, February 2016

“Leaders have continued to develop a friendly, inclusive and safe school.”ofsted-good

“The expectations of staff throughout the school contributed to the calm, caring atmosphere and positive learning behaviours observed.”

“Leaders and Governors know the school well and have a good understanding of pupils’ achievements.”

“Teaching, assessment and learning are good.”

“The dialogue observed between teachers and pupils was stimulating and motivating.”


We provide:

  • A safe and stimulating environment where success is celebrated and where children feel confident to explore, take risks in their learning and gain from their experiences.
  • The encouragement of qualities such as creativity, curiosity and enjoyment.
  • The development of social skills and promotion of values such as fairness, tolerance and responsibility.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum that meets National and County expectations whilst providing opportunity to explore the richness of human experience beyond these.
  • Policies that ensure consistency and equality of opportunity for all members regardless of age, sex, colour, religion or disability.
  • A high quality team who seek to work in partnership with parents and supporting members of the wider community.
  • The necessary, quality resources.
  • We fully endorse the statement of values by the National Forum for Values in Education and the Community (p147 National Curriculum handbook).

In our school:

  • We never say or do anything that may hurt or offend someone else
  • We walk quietly around the school and in our classrooms
  • We get on with what we have to do and let other people do the same
  • We get the teacher’s attention by raising our hand
  • We use their surnames when we speak to adults
  • We hold doors open for other people and we say please and thank you when we ask for something
  • We hang our coats, stack our lunch boxes tidily and keep our bags out of people’s way
  • We look after things that belong to the school or other people
  • We leave valuable possessions at home, including all jewellery except watches and stud earrings
  • Anything we bring to school we keep in our trays or where the teacher tells us to put it
  • We spend break time outside unless it is wet
  • We do not bring sweets, chocolate or gum to school and we only eat snacks at playtime outside unless it is indoor play
  • We put rubbish in the bins on the playground or inside and leave our classrooms tidy

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