PRIME7 Multi Academy Trust

On 1 September 2013, along with the majority of the primary schools in the Chenderit Cluster, we converted to academy status. The schools converted as two Multi Academy Trusts: the South Northamptonshire Village Schools MAT (ourselves, Kings Sutton and Chipping Warden) and the South Northamptonshire Church of England Schools MAT (Boddington, Chacombe, Culworth and St Loys). The two MATs worked together under a Local Collaborative Trust, formalising the close ties that had been developed over previous years.

In September 2018, the South Northamptonshire Village Schools MAT relaunched under a new name to reflect a change in structure, aims and vision and a shift in its strategic direction. The partnership between Chipping Warden, Kings Sutton and Middleton Cheney primary academies is now known as PRIME7 Multi Academy Trust.

The MAT is built on seven core principles and values (the reason for the PRIME7 name):

  • Individual schools that retain their unique identities as part of their local communities
  • High standards in teaching and learning
  • Strong and strategic leadership
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Nurture
  • Resilience

Rachel Gallyot CEO of PRIME7, says: ‘We are committed to working in partnership with the children as this will make the teaching and learning across the three schools so much stronger.  

The Trust is managed by a board of directors. Claudia Wade, Chair of PRIME7 Directors, says: ‘PRIME7 will build on the strengths already established.  Working together more closely will enable us to spread the workload, identify and share best practice and achieve more for all the pupils… We believe that schools working in partnership can help to provide security and stability for rural primary schools.’


Click on the links to view the following PRIME7 documents:

Prime7 Funding Agreement

PRIME7 TRUST Scheme of delegation September 2018

Articles of Association 2018 (1)

Pecuniary interests 2019/20 Prime7

PRIME7 TRUST Attendance of Directors 2018-19

MAT Aims

Annual Reports and Finances

Annual Report & Financial Statements 2018/2019

Management Letter 2018/2019

Annual Report & Financial Statements 2017/2018

Management Letter 17.18


Whistleblowing Policy Prime7 2019

Directors & Governors Remuneration Policy Prime7 2019

Fraud and Corruption Policy Prime7 2019

Conflicts of Interest Policy Prime7 2019

Investment Policy Prime7 2019

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